ProComputers Support severity levels definition

ProComputers Support uses the following definitions to classify defects:

  • Severity 1-Low. As the name suggests, this defect does not harm the system in any critical way. Although it is harmless, it should be fixed when extra time is available.

  • Severity 2-Minor. This defect does affect the system in a certain manner, however it does not restrict its functioning in any way. The system might behave in an undesirable manner but does not stop functioning. Fixing this defect should be given low priority.

  • Severity 3-Major. This defect too does not collapse the whole system. Nonetheless it hamper major parts of it, thus disrupting basic functions of the system. Fixing this defect should be given high priority.

  • Severity 4-Critical. This defect might cause the complete shutdown of the system or affect the application in a way that the user cannot proceed to the next task. Such defect needs immediate attention.

NOTE: severity is the degree of impact that a defect has on the operation of a component or system

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