[Start Here] Welcome to ProComputers Support!

For any issue with images provided by ProComputers, please contact ProComputers Support. The initial support request must always be made through email.

The ProComputers support services covers the deployment and configuration of Virtual Machines in AWS EC2 and Microsoft Azure public clouds.

All RPM software packages installed by default in our images are included in the standard support service. The rest of the software packages (even if they are part of the same operating system) are covered by the best-effort support service, which has lower priority and requires longer time to be answered.

To find out the list of rpm packages installed by default in an image, deploy a new Virtual Machine using that image, and run the following command: sudo rpm -qa | less

In certain complex cases, a Microsoft Teams or Amazon Chime video conferencing tool might be used.

The official support response time is 24h. In average we provide a first email response within 3-4 hours.

In order to solve all support requests in a timely manner, please include with your detailed problem description the version of the image you are using (output of cat /etc/procomputers-release command), the instance type of your virtual machine, the region and the Azure Subscription ID or AWS Account ID.

The ProComputers support services (both standard and best-effort) are bundled together with all our images publicly available in AWS and Azure Marketplaces, and cannot be separated. What customer pays is the actual usage of our images, and not the the support service.

To see all the public cloud images released by ProComputers, please browse our listing on either Microsoft Azure Marketplace or AWS Marketplace.